Instrument  Commissions

Need assistance with your guitar build?  Don't we all. We've got you and your dreams and objectives in mind. You and all your guitar  needs are in expert hands.

About Me & Comet 

Shown here building our first electric guitar in 2006.  Comet and myself  have been noodling with guitar building ever since.  He oversees production while I mostly sand.

Lap Slide

Set Ups

Plan for your set up before your next gig.   You may be used to it or feel that your guitar stays in tune good enough, but don't let the rest of us suffer.


These tear drop shaped Lap Slides are milled from a single piece of tone wood and are a favorite for any musician looking for a sweet blend of beauty and tone.


Original designs feeding off of my favorite instruments.  No one is exactly alike whereas I'm always experimenting for the next best thing.

Lap Steel Demo Video

Acoustic dreadnoughts are based on Martin D-28 style bracing with Sitka tops select quality tone woods.  


The space bass. 

My original design combining  favorite styles of Mosrite, Rickenbacker and Music Man.

"If music is food for the soul, then guitars are the forks and spoons"


Custom Mods

Want to hot rod your rig?

Me too.  Let's customize your guitar!